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RT-340 Wood Pellet Grill

Expand your grilling horizons with the ultimate travel companion, the RT-340 wood pellet grill. The RT-340 is durable, portable, and ready to go from your backyard to wherever the road may take you, so your grilling game never has to take a vacation!

RT-B380 Bullseye Wood Pellet Grill

The RT-B380 Bullseye wood pellet grill is your weekday workhorse. The Bullseye is the hottest pellet grill on the market, literally and figuratively, reaching temperatures up to 749°F!

RT-590 Wood Pellet Grill

The RT-590 wood pellet grill is sized for your family and priced for your wallet. If you find the RT-700 is too much grill for you, and the RT-340 is too small, the RT-590 with 592 square inches will be the perfect grill for you.

RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill

The RT-700 wood pellet grill is the definition of gold standard in pellet grilling and is ready to help you become the backyard hero of your neighborhood. The RT-700 is our flagship model and will never disappoint.

RT-1250 Wood Pellet Grill

The best just got better and hotter! Whether you are wanting to cook low and slow at 180°F or go hot and fast up to 700°F, the RT-1250 wood pellet grill with 1250 sq. inches of space will be able to handle any cook you throw its way.

RT-2500 BFG Wood Pellet Grill

Grill big or go home with the RT-2500 BFG wood pellet grill. The RT-2500 BFG is the king of the mountain in pellet grilling with 2500 square inches of cooking space and is built like a tank.

RT-G450 Matador Gas Wok Cooker

Taste the adventure! The RT-G450 Matador is the best gas wok cooker on the market, and you won’t find more bang for your buck anywhere or at any price. The RT-G450 Matador now features a lid and two cooking utensils so you can braise, boil, fry, poach, roast, sear, steam, and stew with ease. The Matador proves why those in the know choose recteq.

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